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Base kitchen cabinets :

All kitchen cabinets we offer and use are made in Bulgaria . Some accessories though like handles etc. are imported in Bulgaria by trusted suppliers. The kitchen cabinets shown below are among the most frequently used ones but we still can offer special custom design kitchen cabinets when needed or upon customer's request.
Kitchen cabinets with a drawerThese are base kitchen cabinets with one drawer to store cutlery and one or two doors with shelf. Depending on the width of the cabinet it is produced with one (25-60cm) or two doors (45-80cm).
These and most of our base kitchen cabinets are provided with adjustable 15cm PVC legs for compensation of floor unevenness.
The 2mm tough PVC edging on all doors and drawers will protect the details from accidental damages during exploitation.
Base kitchen cabinetsThe left one on the picture is plain base kitchen cabinet with one shelf appropriate for sink or built-in hob. The cabinet may be produced with one or two doors depending on its width.
The left kitchen cabinet has 2 drawers for storing cutlery and a flip-down door. When the unit is wider than 70cm then the drawers and the door will be designed for 2 handles each.
Built-in oven kitchen unitThe kitchen cabinet on the left side of the picture is standard 60cm wide built-in oven unit. The unit is suitable for all standard built-in ovens offered in Bulgaria . It is produced with one drawer at the bottom for baking dish storage.
The cabinet on the right consists of 3 different size drawers. One of them is with glass-case face for more contemporary look.
Open shelf cabinetsTwo kinds of open shelf kitchen cabinets are shown here. The left one is designed as bottle storage unit for bottles of wine etc. The right one is regular open shelf unit with 3+1 shelves. Both cabinets are produced with white back.
End kitchen cabinetsOpen corner/end base cabinets available for right ends (as shown on the picture) or left ends (opposite the picture). Also these base kitchen cabinets can be produced with rounded edges (as the one on the right) or with cut edges to match the style of the overall kitchen conception. The end units are not provided with PVC adjustable legs as the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

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