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Choosing upholstery

No mater if it is textile or leather upholstery, the colour should be in accordance with the colour-style of the room. If you have pets, especially cats, we do not recommend leather upholstery for your sofa as it will hardly resist the sharp nails attack. Upholstery fabric is definitely important for the comfort and charm of the room. We offer leathermatch marked as IL (imitative leather) and grid-shaped polyester fabric marked as GP (grid-polyester). The leathermatch is more affordable option than the real leather in terms of costs and provides the feel and look of the real one. It will only not last as long as the real expensive leather will. The grid shaped polyester is a grid-textured one-color resilient synthetic fabric. This type of fabric is easy to care for and can be cleaned with soapy water and cotton cloth.
Whatever the type of upholstery you like, its color has to match the existing décor and color scheme of the rest of the furniture. In terms of fabric durability we recommend the polyester fabric for busy areas. Anyway fabrics are not eternal and humidity and direct sunlight will shorten their lifetime. We recommend regularly cleaning of the upholstery and having curtains or blinds on windows. Taking proper care of your furniture will keep it nice looking long time.
Most sofas are shown in solid colour in our website but you may always require couple fabrics to be used. That will give much fresher look to the sofas – carcass and underarms in one colour and seats, backrests and cushions in other. It is recommended seats and cushions to be ordered in the lighter of the two colors as these are provided with zips and can be washed regularly.
Furniture varna offers upholstery which is suitable for all four seasons in Bulgaria, no matter if your home is at the sea in Sunny beach or in the mountains in Bansko for instance.
Although leather can work nicely in any room it may be cold in winter and hot in summer and may give the sticky feeling on bare legs.

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