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Sofa support and cleaning

Materials used in sofa production: solid pinewood for furniture frames, solid beech wood where it has to be extremely stronger, 18mm chipboard, T25 polyurethane, silicone wadding, seatbelts, wooden (dark or natural light) or black plastic legs.

Cushions of most models are provided with zips that allow their upholstery to be taken off and washed separately. Textile upholstery can be put in washing machine and washed at 40 Celsius.
Please avoid steam cleaning as it may avoid the upholstery. Also never use anything abrasive. In most cases regular baby wipes will clean furniture just fine. Finally if you are about to use any cleaner for very first time, please test it on any non-visible area first to see what the results would be . Polyester and leathermatch do not require special chemicals to clean and are fairly easy to clean without ruining the colour or the upholstery itself. Whenever you decide to clean your furniture yourself, please note that fabrics don’t have to get too wet as moisture is your fabric’s worst enemy. As a rule put some mild cleaner before applying water and when finished try to extract as much water out of the fabric as possible. In most cases you will be able to wash a stain out with a little dishwashing liquid.
You may ask yourself how often you have to clean your furniture. Well, it depends on how it is treated – is it placed in high-traffic room or do neighbor kids jump on it when you leave them alone. Unfortunately sofa is a place where many people eat and leave crumbs behind. You may never notice that if are letting your apartment to tourists.
When cleaning furniture avoid water on any metal part as most probably it will get rusty afterwards.

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