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Kitchen specification:

As mostly preferred kitchens in Bulgaria we offer kitchens produced of laminated wood as it has proved to be durable and inexpensive material. The laminated wood and worktops we use for our kitchens are produced in Bulgaria.

We offer kitchen suites in two main styles: Plastic and Standard. The basic specifications of both kitchen types are listed below:
- Doors: optional color laminated wood and 2mm PVC edging for both kitchen styles. The Plastic style doors and drawers are produced with curved ornaments.
- Carcass: second color laminated wood by your choice (or same color as the doors) and 0.6mm PVC edging for Plastic and Standard kitchen designs;
- Legs: 15cm adjustable plastic legs covered by 15cm kick-board. The kick-board is the same color as the main kitchen carcass and is mutual for all base units;
Kitchen glass doorsGlass doors are different design for both styles although frosted glass is used for both styles. The Standard ones are made of four 8cm details which form the door frame. The plastic glass doors are made of 2 vertical curved details which hold the glass.
Plain or smoked glass is still available upon request.
Glass shelves for even more contemporary look are available upon request.

Picture info: Kitchen onstalled in St. Vlass, Bulgaria in September 2008
While other cbinets are produced with one shelf the glass door cabinets may be provided with couple shelves.
All base kitchen units are 53cm deep excluding the doors and 72cm high excluding the legs and worktop. The wall units are 72cm high and 28cm deep not including the doors (extra 1,8cm);
Kitchen handlesAll kitchens are designed with 128mm stylish metal handles as shown on the picture below. Other handle designs are available upon request. All drawers and clapping doors wider than 70cm are designed for 2 handles. Otherwise one handle will be provided for those details.
Kitchen handles are positioned 4cm from the door edges and centered for drawers and clapping doors.

Picture info: kitchen installed in Marina View, St. Vlas in Bulgaria in October 2008.
The kitchen worktops are heat and water resistant and the counter surface is 90cm measured from the floor. The base and wall kitchen cabinets are provided with one shelf of laminated wood in the carcass color. The splash-back is 1cm wide and may match the counter color pattern or the carcass color if applicable. Workop protectionA protective aluminium strip will be mounted between the kitchen counter and the splash-back to protect water dripping behind the base cabinets (see the picture shown below ).
When no side panels are provided the strip is installed between the worktop and the wall.

Picture info: kitchen assembled in St. Vlas, Bulgaria in October 2008
All built-in oven base cabinets have a drawer underneath the oven and these cabinets are always 60cm wide.
Kitchen extractor unit We mostly offer telescopic extractor fans as they successfully combine functionality and style. Aluminium 120mm duct pipe is used to connect the kitchen extractor to the vent outlet. Although the pipe goes through the whole extractor cabinet it still has one shelf and keeps the initial storage functions.

Picture info: Plastic style kitchen installed in Lozenets, Bulgaria in June 2008. Telescopic extractor fan with aluminium duct pipe included
All kitchen appliances are properly installed and wired. Additional power sockets will be installed where needed. Kitchen sinks ordered with us will be professionally sealed and tap will be properly plumbed along with washing machines and dish washers. Microwave kitchen unitMicrowave ovens may be mounted in specially designed wall units as shown on the picture on the left in order to save space on the kitchen counter and to achieve more contemporary looking style.
Additional power socket will be installed on the back of the microwave unit so the oven can be easily plugged.

Picture info: standard style kitchen delivered in Byala, Bulgaria in June 2008
In all cases these microwave units will be 7-12 cm deeper than the rest of the wall kitchen cabinets depending on the size of the microwave oven.
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