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Vertical blinds

The vertical blinds will give your home the desired contemporary touch and at the same time providing privacy. The blinds in Bulgaria are offered in different colors and patterns to match the style of your home and the rest of the furniture.Vertical blinds options
Both vertical and horizontal blinds are produced in Bulgaria from imported materials. The vertical blinds will be produced to expand and collect in the way that suits best for your case. There are four option for expanding and collecting the vertical blinds:
- 1. to the left (figure 1);
- 2. to the right (figure 2);
- 3. to both ends - left and right (figure 3);
- 4. to the center (figure 4).
The collection option is determined depending on the door/ window opening direction and if there is enough room on each side of the window (door). Vertical blinds Also the length can be different in each part of the blinds depending on the height of the windows and doors. The blinds shown on the picture above are produced on 2 levels to match the height of the window and the door and also are designed to be collected on the left so the balcony door can be opened freely. The operating cords on these blinds are positioned on the right side next to the balcony door for easier access. Each expanding option can be combined with left or right positioning of the operation cords.
Blinds operating cordsTwo operating cords (see the picture on the left) are provided with each vertical blinds. One of the cords (strings) is for opening and closing the elements and the other one is for collecting and expanding the blinds. The vertical blinds should always be collected or expanded in opened position of its elements.
The vertical blinds can be installed either on the ceiling or on the wall above the window depending on the customer's requirements and construction possibilities. In some cases the blinds can be installed in window recess if there is enough space for fitting the rail and collecting the blinds without obstructing the normal opening of the windows.