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Air conditioners

The Midea air conditioners are imported in Bulgaria since 2001 and are proved to be reliable cooling and heating appliances, suitable for every home and office. These air conditioners are supplied directly from the authorized importer for Bulgaria and are offered at reasonable price including professional installation.
The capacity of the air conditioner depends of the size and usage of the room. 09BTU air conditioners are suitable for bedrooms and small low-traffic areas while more powerful 12BTU air conditioners will be needed for larger living rooms and high-traffic areas.
The inner unit of the air conditioner should be positioned properly for achieving effective performance.
Remote control of the conditionerThese air conditioners work fine in cooling and heating mode with adjustable fan speed and additional dry mode. The direction of the flow can be changed by the remote control along with all other functions of the air conditioner.
Every air conditioner comes with 2xAA batteries supplied remote control. Some of the main function buttons on the remote control are:
1 - adjusting the desired temperature of the room - the air conditioner is working (heating or cooling the room) until the desired temperature is reached and then it keeps that temperature constant until it is manually changed;;
2 - switching between the modes (cooling, heating etc.);
3 - changing the vertical and horizontal direction of the flow for better performance;
4 - Venting the room - while performing this function the air conditioner gets fresh air from outside into the room.
The remote control has a built-in timer which allows the air conditioner to be switched on and of in certain time of the day.
Air conditioner maintenanceEach air conditioner requires occasional maintenance like cleaning the air filters which are placed inside the inner unit. Make sure the unit is switched off before opening the unit and taking the filters out of it. After the filters are removed, they can be washed with cold water for cleaning the dust off of them. When the filters are dry enough they can be placed back in the air conditioner.