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WardrobesAll wardrobes come as separate well packed details which needs to be properly assembled. Our team assembles all the furniture ordered from our furniture store in Varna. Installation of the wardrobes, along with the installation of all other units is free of charge. Free delivery to Sunny Beach can also be offered for many of the orders.
If you however need to assemble a wardrobe on yourself, the tips bellow will help you to complete a successful and trouble free installation. Before you proceed with the wardrobe assembly, make sure the wardrobe will fit in the space you want to put it on and will not cover any essential power plugs and light switches. After that lay the sides, dividers, bottom and top on the floor and install all the joinery on these details. Two-door wardrobeThen you can put the details together with the front part of the wardrobe facing the floor. Now the back needs to be nailed to the wardrobe but before that we have to make sure both diagonals are equal using measuring tape. If the diagonals of the wardrobe are not even, you will most likely not be able to adjust the doors in a line. The back should be carefully nailed to the carcass so no nail comes through the details surface and damage the melamine finishing. The back of the 3-door wardrobe usually consists of 2 details – one for each compartment. The bottom corners of the wardrobe sides may need to be cut with the shape of the floor parapets so the wardrobe can be pushed closer to the wall. The sides are cut using a jig-saw after the shape that needs to be cut off is already marked on the details.
Now the wardrobe can be set up straight on its place and pushed as closer to the wall as possible. The floor may not be even but the wardrobe needs to be properly leveled. After putting the joinery on the wardrobe doors you may proceed fixing them to the carcass using 15 or 17mm screws and power drill. Using a magnetic philips PH2 bit for power drills (any joinery shop in Bulgaria offers them) will make that task much easier than you think. If the wardrobe is laid even on the floor you shouldn’t have any difficulties to install the doors in a perfect line and all in a single plane. If the doors can not be properly adjusted then most probably one of the four bottom corners of the wardrobe needs to be lifted up couple millimeters from the floor.