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Light fittings

Bedroom light fittingWhile in some cases the apartments in Bulgaria are provided with light fittings installed by the developer in most cases the builders only install lights in bathrooms and balconies. We offer a wide range of light fittings but the most prefered ones are the basic light fittings SUNNY BEACH 1 (with single light bulb) and SUNNY BEACH 2 (with two 75W light bulbs). These light fittings use standard E27 light bulbs and the replacement of the light bulbs is very easy - no tools needed. The cost of the spare bulb for these lights is relatively low in Bulgaria and they are sold almost in every grocery store or supermarket.
How to install a light fitting:
Our team install every light fitting purchased from us but in case you need to install a light by yourself you should observe the cable colors and some basic safety procedures to avoid the risk of electric shock. Before stepping to installation of the lights make sure the electricity is switched off from the main fuse box. Switching off the wall light switch only is not safety enough as it may be connected to with the wrong cable - unfortunately not a rare case in Bulgaria. Check each cable with a tester to make sure they are safe. Usually 3 cables are provided for each light fitting - Line, Neutral and Ground and the colors according to the standards in Bulgaria are respectively Black, Blue, Yellow (Brown).Light fittings They can also be Brown, Blue and Yellow. Please note that the cable colors not always match the Bulgarian standards and you better check each one with a tester. If four cables are provided that means the light fitting will use 2 or more light bulbs and a double light switch is provided for these lights. Also there should be two Lines among these four cables.
In some developments in Bulgaria there are cables provided for reading lights in bedrooms. If there are no switches on the wall that are supposed to operate these lights then make sure the bedroom light fittings have their own switch.