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Beds come in different sizes and are designed to match the standard mattress sizes. The most common mattress sizes used in Bulgaria are 82x190cm for single beds, 144x190cm for double beds and 164x190cm for large double beds. Of course different sizes are available upon request although their prices may be higher than the standard class mattresses. The double sided mattresses require additional slat base and in that case some changes in the bed design may be also required.Double bed
The beds are delivered as separate details in packages of 2 or 3 details. The bed usually consist of 5 main details: headboard, foot-board, 2 sides and a supportive divider which may be parallel to the headboard or to the sides. For extra strong construction it is recommended to use some extra joinery than provided from the beds manufacturer to join the head-board and the foot-board to the sides of the bed. The headboard of the bed can be straightened by 5-6cm screws (widely used in Bulgaria) directly through the back side of the headboard. In that case the screw heads will not be visible when the bed is positioned with the head-board pushed against a wall which is the most common case of the layout furnishing plans. Unfortunately we can not apply this tip with the foot-board as the screw heads will be visible. What we can use in that case are L-shaped metal brackets which will be installed on the inner corner when the side board meet the foot board. 15 or Single bed17mm screws should be used in order not to damage the front side of the boards (assuming that the bed is made of 18mm melamine boards which is the most common material used for production of melamine furniture in Bulgaria).
When assembled, the bed may have not a proper rectangular form until the mattress (or the slat base) is laid onto the bed. Beds with lifting-up mechanisms are designed for single sided mattresses where the solid wood frame of the mattress is attached to the lifting mechanism.