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Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds installed on a bathroom window in brown color to match the window frames:
Horizontal blinds

Small size horizontal blinds in cream color for small bathroom window:
Small size horizontal blinds

The horizontal blinds on the picture below are cream color to match the walls of the living room. Location: private apartment in Byala, Bulgaria.
Living-room blinds

These are the same blinds as on the picture above but in open position:
Open horizontal blinds

Cream color horizontal (aluminum) blinds installed in the bedroom in the same apartment in Byala on the pictures above. The color of the blinds is also matching the color of the bedroom walls:
Bedroom blinds

Aluminum blinds installed on a bathroom window, matching the color of the tiles. Part of furniture pack installed in Varna, Bulgaria:
Bathroom blinds

The picture below shows open and closed horizontal (aluminum) blinds on the same window:
Open and closed blinds

White horizontal blinds installed in a bedroom in Sunny Day 5 complex near Sunny Beach:
White blinds

Again white aluminum blinds installed in the livingroom in the same apartment in Sunny Day 5 complex:
White aluminum blinds

Small size cream horizontal blinds installed on bathroom window in apartment in Amadeus complex near the Sunny Beach Aqua Park:
Bathroom aluminum blinds