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Wall kitchen cabinets :

Below are shown some of the basic design wall kitchen cabinets we use but custom design wall units can also be offered upon request.
Wall kitchen cabinetsRegular 2-door wall kitchen cabinets with one shelf each are shown on that photo. The right one is with open unit at the bottom and white back. These can be produced with one door if the width of the units is too small (20-40cm) or upon request. All doors on wall cabinets are 2mm PVC edged for stronger protection and achieving more contemporary kitchen style.
Extractor kitchen cabinetsOne-door and two-door wall kitchen cabinets for telescopic extractor fans are available for the extractors we sell and all standard telescopic extractors offered in Bulgaria. One shelf is provided for these units which will be cut along with the unit itself for the extractor duct pipe. The openings would be about 13cm diameter.
Open wall unitsCorner kitchen cabinets and an open shelf unit are shown here. These have 1+1 shelves and are available in different sizes (width). The open shelf unit has a white back while the corner kitchen cabinets have laminated wood back in the carcass color. The open units are 0.6 PVC edged as the rest of the carcass details.
L-shaped corner cabinetsL-shaped wall kitchen cabinets with folding door are available for both opening directions. Also an open shelf option (as shown on the right) is available and white back will be used in that case. These units are very appropriate for corners of L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen designs as they provide easy access for their storage space.
Glass-door cabinets for modern kitchensThe glass-door wall kitchen cabinets are offered in frosted glass although they are also available in plain or smoked glass upon request. The glass door design differs for the Plastic and Standard design kitchens as described in the kitchen specifications page.
Handles will be installed on the glass for the Plastic design doors with one vertical detail (short doors). All glass-door kitchen cabinets are produced with white back.
Clapping glass-door cabinetsTwo kinds of clapping glass-door units are shown on that picture. All combinations of glass-doors and plain doors are available and the glass-door cabinets are always produced with white back. When unit width exceeds 70cm then 2 handles will be installed on each door.
Regular corner kitchen cabinetsOur plain-door corner kitchen cabinets are available with both opening directions. An open shelf option is also possible with white back in that case. The L-shaped cabinets shown above are a bit more comfortable in terms of usage but these are cheaper and sometimes even more practical not to mention the higher storage capacity they provide.

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